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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Feet up!

Runners that can't run = misery!

Following a 600 mile round trip to a fantastic wedding in Den Haag I have been pained with a sore left achilles at the point where is gets close to the heel. Consequently with late evenings at work and a summer snotty cold I have completed one run; 22km in the sunny London streets on Wednesday and nothing since. Even the quiet Thames Path plan this morning hit the skids as I perhaps enjoyed a beer too many with my good buddy Keith last night.

Perhaps my body is trying to tell me something? One thing is true is that if you don't run, body mass sky-rockets. I have noticed that as my diet is getting up to 3000 kcals a day, not running has put on 2kgs in 7 days! Another week of this and I will be Homer Simpson!!!

Fairlands Valley XC marathon tomorrow. Johnny Mac and a couple of others will be down there but I am going to take it nice and slow. Easy on the achilles and about 4 hours will be fine. I noticed that after a few days off and the 22 on weds that I was running in 7.30s! Not tomorrow though. 6 weeks hols commence tuesday afternoon so my 100-130km weeks will be in the next 3 weeks plus gym every day will hopefully get me up to speed.

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