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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Night Run (Downs NRG)

kent house by night by ultraBobban
kent house by night, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Downs NRG (Night Running Group) reconvened on Friday night not far from where we left off last time and after picking up Jezza, we headed to Foal Farm it was quickly into the evening discussion of Olympics, new backpacks and the recce for the October 16th run with the joining forces of possibly 3 running clubs worth of talent.

On a high elevation already, we headed for the old Spinning Wheel and looked to traverse the highest point in Kent. After just a mile or so, we switched to headtorches as the sun went down and we were in wooded territory.

Just then, a rustle in the scrub. A fox? A squirrel? No! This was massive! A bloody badger ran into our path, stopped us in mid stride and the bugger ran across my feet! Heavy little shits badgers are.

So on we went and after a pause to locate the highest point in Kent at 251m above sea level we headed slightly downhill and in search of the highest point on the Surrey part of the Downs. Not before we came across a field with blokes flying remote controlled planes in the dark. Could this night get any weirder?!

Onwards and to the ups and downs of the Downs and to the trig point cleverly hidden behind a tree between two masts and the highest Surrey Down was located. Back down the ridge and full of jovial Friday night banter. We arrived in no time at the pub for a pint of Stowford Press cider and 20 minutes of reminding ourselves of why we are real runners who run for runnings' sake and not for anything other than shits and giggles.

And back.......slightly slower, bellies full of apple juice. Until we were stopped by an Asperger's farmer who considered us for a short time as lamping Gypsies. Clearly we were sartorially different, minus greyhounds and rabbits......but we listened to the man who had a 19 inch neck and who gave up running to take ups......well we weren't going to mess. As he continued his monologue, we disappeared into the night and back to the car and then to civilisation. Downs NRG is alive and well and after another run just 10 hours later, I'm more than a little tired and enjoying a Kingston Episcopi 7.2% Botley Mill dry cider. wonderful

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