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Friday, 29 March 2013

Running around some water

dead calm by ultraBobban
dead calm, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning for a little run around some water. I've been keeping a low profile, what with being behind my training somewhat this year. I am in real terms 100km behind where I was this time last year but mentally I feel further. The notion of approaching 22 hours for a 100 miler is almost out of the question. 6 weeks of chest infection has put paid to that.

I'm now on the baby steps towards getting round the 100. Then I've got the 192 miler.......arrrghh!

Ok, so there is a little run around a lake tomorrow, just to see how I feel. After that......the crew are coming down to have a few ciders.....the crew? My best man and usher from the wedding. It will be awesome.

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  1. I realised you had been quiet of late Rob, I assumed your workload but 100km into April is not that bad when you look at it as a whole. My miles a down but I am in fact stronger and longer by the same time last year. You will be fine