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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Samphire 100

Baby Greta arrived.....toddler Audrey rebelled and didn't sleep. Hit that with some hardcore work issues and preparation was pretty rubbish. Mentally and physically I was left wanting. After 33 miles I was running in 6th and feeling great. 4 miles later I felt like a tide of shit had flowed up, left its backwash and also kicked me very hard in the exact place that my titanium pins had been removed from my ankle after being told I would never run again. 

Awesome to run for a few hours with Jon Fielden and hope that Natalie T also blasts around. Hero to zero for I don't know why. I've sat here tonight and booked 3 more races but basically I have come to the conclusion.......100 much as I love them, I can't do this with young kids....both the training and the mental toughness that you need not to worry about not coming home if there is a potential that you might end up up shit creek and also the down time needed before attempting such events.

I dropped down from the 100 to a timed challenge. 60k in 6 hours.....OK in 28 degree heat.......but shit in the scheme of things. Pocket ultras for me and the relentless focus on the marathon......for ayear or 2

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