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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

training in the Peak District

2 days 2 x 2.5 hour runs. I wish I had gone further and had longer on my feet but I knew I had a marathon on the Tuesday. Well below freezing and lots of snow. Perfect for exploration, following the hills and trails and trying not to fall over and die on the remote hills. I did not see a soul for 2.5 hours each time and thank the grips on my shoes and someone watching over me that I did not trip, slip of break something.

I ran up to Solomon's Temple to begin my run. Having lived just 17 miles away as a little Northern Scoundrel, I knew this 1200ft hill well. From here it was Nav out into snow country.

Despite the deeper snow, it was a much easier run on saturday as there were not 60mph winds that were almost impossible to stand, let alone run. This was a good explore and plenty of vistas.

Axe Edge Moor and Burbage edge were my faves.

Sunday I had developed a little but of DOMS and took it easy for a while. I ran much further than I did on the Saturday although had to keep off the peaks to some extent, heading for Cloughs and gulleys as the wind was too hard to stand up in.

I headed down the Goyt Valley which was cold and deserted. My mum and dad's favourite place. I can see why.....I loved it as a kid and I still love it now.

Shining Tor, Hoo Moor, Stakeside and then back down and up Burbage. Legs battered. Cold and filled with DOMS. Time for a warm bath and remove the black mud from those hidden geothermal pools beneath the snow.....

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