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Monday, 17 May 2010

Let's go!

Let's go!, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Well I have my 100 mile plan from Immune. I have now fully organised the crew for the Ridgeway as Mrs Ultrabobban and Astrid are being just brilliant and helping out. Work has taken its toll on the mileage as I managed 79km last week and will struggle to hit that again this week. I feel like I should be moving up to about 90km+ within the next couple of weeks.

Injury is not as much of a worry as it was last week. The speedwork session in the Brooks T5s did me no good at all. I managed 9 laps of the track with recovery at about 4.50s but after donning the cushioned Asics it was a stiff run home and had to pull out of the fast group at the club the next day. Having said that I had been at a conference in Nottingham all weekend with my good buddy, "greaseless Bengay" Kenneth (don't ask) and we did a fantastic Nottingham Parks and Gardens 8.50 in well-sub 8s. That after a fair few wines the previous night and a morning run too.

It's the Green Belt Relay this weekend so at least I know I have a couple of tough 14 milers in a row. Can't wait!

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