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Monday, 3 May 2010


Well the 6 miles at 8.30s turned into 8 at 8.15s this morning. Recovery runs don't often make me feel good about anything really but this morning was a breath of fresh air. There is something cheeky about running early on a Bank Holiday. Am I meant to be at work? Is this like bunking off? Well if it was, and it is (!) it was a worthy use of morning with a 2 mile run to Dulwich Park gate and a flat run that dropped to 7.50s with a great chat with Eric saw me sweating in the unseasonably cold May morning. There were so few souls about that it appeared in my mind to be a bit post-apocalyptic but my thoughts waned to the excellent 1000 mile compression socks that seemed to be making my legs feel better.

A slight niggle in the left knee after a couple of stoppages but with a rounded up 8s at sub-8.30s I felt that the conversation with Anna yesterday was a good idea. Batter some resilience into those legs and the long long sessions will feel less of a chore. The probability of the Orpington marathon on saturday seems good, suffice to say that a couple of days rest and plenty of good quality vegetables and salads will perk me up will be a good thing. I have heard on the grapevine that a mystery runner will be running Orpington. I think I know him but I will wait to see if he turns up in "those" hotpants on the start line. If I could keep up then I am fitter than I thought I was but if not, this is training and the bigger picture is the most important thing. Immune is going to send me the training plan for a 100 miler. Can't wait

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