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Sunday, 5 September 2010

2011 - Possible plans

I said never again after the Ridgeway. 88 miles of fantastic countryside. The last 12 or so miles I said never ever. Ever!

On reflection and after a few days of rest I am ready for the next challenges. 3 things stand out for me.

1. Eric has suggested organising a run across Hadrian's Wall. 85 miles. Fantastic!

2. Housman 100 - I can't wait to become a centurion in 2011. May 28th Bank holiday weekend in Shropshire.

3. C2C - Alfred Wainwright's epic 192 mile walk from St Bees to Robin Hood Bay from East Coast to West Coast across England's highest mountain ranges; Lake District National Park, Pennines, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. It is has been run a number of times, although mainly supported. There is a sherpa company that does bag drops and hotel bookings to allow you to travel unsupported. I propose doing the run in 5 days.

The draw of the Lakes and the mountains is a magnet to my running radar. Although this is not an event as such, it is a journey, a right of passage.


  1. Rob, I have similar plans...Hadrian's Wall has been a suggestion and I definitely want to become a centurion but musing over Lakeland 100

  2. Lakeland 100 is a distinct possibility for me next year - just as soon as I sound out the missus. May try to get my entry in this month.

    Hadrian's Wall is very appealing - I'm surprised there isn't already an event organised although that might be to do with politics and permissions I suppose.

  3. Thanks for this post - after a quiet 2010 I have been looking for the right kind of ultra-challenge for 2011. I like the idea of just getting on with it and doing my own (I've done the OMM and SLMM) and Hadrian's Wall would be superb.