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Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting my Mojo back

Looking across Llynnau, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Is it me or is it something to do with a long long race and it all goes quiet afterwards?

I was quite bullish in the week after the Ridgeway. All endorphins and big chested. Then came a week of being able to run. And run fast, 6.30s to be precise. And then I got ill. A cold, followed by another cold followed by a very high fever and 2 days off work. I never take days off work.......and no running of significance.

I am now in the mood to regain my Mojo although I appear to be hampered by meetings, weddings and weekends away, planned in the dim and distant past......."Oh that's's after the Ridgeway, I'm free then". But the hardest thing is getting started to want to get outdoors and hit some 8 minute mile railway that lasts for 3-4 hours in the days that are gradually being stolen by the nights, bit by bit by bit. Soon it will be time to get out the longs and the hat.

So I need a challenge. Winter Tanners. Tick. Country to Capital. Tick. (Housman 100 for summer 2011. Big Tick!)

But what until then. I need a couple of good quality XC marathons. Dirty. Fun. That's what will bring back my mojo.

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