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Sunday, 17 April 2011

100 mile man

Immune at Mile 7, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Well it is hats off to Dave Immune. I thought that running 27.5 miles as mule 1 to help towards his run of a lifetime was something, bearing in mind I am only 2 weeks out of hospital, but no. Not even Jezza (mule 2) and his 2 marathon run through the night scraped the surface of how in awe I am of this unassuming giant of ultra running. Dave is no self publicist, unlike a growing number of our ultra world. He does not big himself up. He does not demand the publicity that some of the imposters in our exhalted field attempt. He lets his mind and his feet do the talking. Dave is a legend and I hope that one day I am fit enough to run something amazing with him in the future. Perhaps we do Badwater, perhaps the BGR or the Yukon. All I know is that the words "giving up" do not nexist in the vocabulary. Legendary day. I enjoyed it not for what I did, but for what he did.

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