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Friday, 1 April 2011

The metalwork is out!

The metalwork is out!, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Went into King's College Hospital today and after a somewhat nervy wait, the anaesthetist pumped my veins full of the good stuff and within seconds I was talking as incoherently as a moron on ten pints of cider and fighting the tunnel of light that I was falling down. I awoke 2 hours later with a bandage on my leg and a feeling like I had just been somewhere amazing! Anyway, blood pressure was high (which alarmed me) but pulse was a pleasing 56 BPM and oddly the stasff nurse asked if I was a dissolved 02 in the blood was 94% which was low. Erm....I run marathons exclaimed a puzzled me. But after a sit up, cup of tea and a wander up and down the ward, I asked her to do it again and it topped 99% Fine!

So the canulated screws are out and I have a range of movement that until December, thought I would never have again. 2 weeks of no running are the orders......Stiches need to settle and skin, soft tissue and tendons need to heal but I feel right as rain. I'll have a tentative wander round the block later in the week but I am really happy that the op was a success.

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  1. Awesome news, glad the op went well. Can't believe you are walking around already, a Mara is not too far away, woohoo.