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Monday, 1 August 2011

NDW50 preparation

training has been OK for this event. Even though I ran the Downland Ultra quicker than last year, I am certainly concerned that my recently recovered leg can accomodate a 50 miler. I am sure that it will, it will be more of a case of mind over matter.

I have run much of the route over the past few years. This is a shot of me near the start of the green Belt Relay although the haircut and the waistline have thankfully disappeared!

Hopefully the waether will be on the better side of 20, rather than the mini heatwave that we are having at the moment, although I know that the climate, especially near to the finish, which is only a few miles from my school, can be much colder than it is here in London, with the temperature being 2-5 degrees below that which is expected. Hopefully a 9-10 hour finish.

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