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Saturday, 13 August 2011

No Way NDW50

After a week of coaching in Nottingham, 15 hours a day, plus the friday night traffic fuelled drive home, added to a heavy cold and with a session of diahorrhea (sorry) thrown in, the last thing I needed was to run 50 miles. I slept soundly for 12 hours and awoke late on saturday morning. The alternative was to drive to Salisbury for the 5-4-3-2-1 tomorrow but I just don't have the will or the inclination.

Instead i will run to Battersea to join the running club for the summer league. It is only a 10km but I figure a run there and a recovery home will see me to 20 miles. Being away over the next 2 weeks will play havoc with training but I have spotted the LFB Chiltern Challenge 27 on 4th Sept in Ruislip. Looks a nice undulating challenge and a tube ride there and home, meaning a cider stop on the return.

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  1. not even a chance of running this morning. I still feel wasted.