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Saturday, 17 September 2011

ready for action again

Start of Downland Ultra30 by ultraBobban
Start of Downland Ultra30, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Tomorrow is the Green Chain Marathon; 27 miles of self navigation in the deepest corner of South East London. Eltham to Abbeywood and back via the Thames Path. I'm not feeling superb about this one as over the last 4 weeks I have felt that anything over 12 miles has been a chore and has aggravated my leg break injury. I had thought that intensive training and the odd day off per week would have meant that it would be sorted by now but 5 months after operation number 2, I think that I will be thwarted for life with the pain that wakes me every morning or, in particular, after a long drive of say 200 miles, renders me unable to run more than 10k without a grumble for a week or two.

That said, I have lost some body mass this last 4 weeks, 5.2kg, which has allowed me to go a bit quicker. This might seem like a lot, but I have been eating far less and working for 13 hours a day, following that by a 10 mile run every night of the week and after coming back from a lard filled holiday in France, is just what is needed.

I am running tomorrow and then running the Blackwater marathon in 4 weeks. Tomorrow is a map work PB challenge. The start is 9 miles from home so not far.....

bring it on!

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