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Thursday, 6 October 2011

doing my head in

after a steady stream of 50 mile weeks and the loss of 6.1kg body mass in 5 weeks, I have hit a problem. The area around and below the leg break wound has turned black with bruising.

Not that it hurts to run, but driving, walking and sleeping is burdensome. I have done 2 runs, 11 miles and 4.5 this week. The 4.5 was a tester run as it was hurting the day before. Both were fine after a mile or so. I managed sub 7s on the last 3 miles of the short run, but running home from work on monday I found that the downhills are the aggravation to the old injury.

I have a flat marathon in 2 weeks which I may or may not do. I'll just need to get it checked out if I ever get time to do so

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  1. Get it checked out Big fella. Might just be something that your body will always do now following your injury. Doc's will let you know for sure and then approach accordingly. I managed a whole 14miles last week, up from 3.1 the week before, so know the frustrations around injuries/niggles.