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Saturday, 29 October 2011

hopping mad

I awoke at 5.38am and promptly decided that the Blackwater run was a no-go. I went downstairs, looked at my leg and the dull ache that I had not appreciated for the last 2 days manifested itself as some internal bleeding again around where I broke my leg.

In the main, the pattern seems to be when I have driven a long distance. Time 1; drving back from France. Time 2; driving back from Lake District. I might not drive long distances for a while and see how the recovery goes. Anyway, I was not gutted this morning but as I sit here now, I am more disappointed with my own recovery of late and a reminder to seek some professional assistance with this.

Marathon 22 will have to wait a few weeks I think. More to the pity, a chance to enjoy the flat Essex countryside on a glorious end-of-october-day with temperatures of 16 degrees will have to wait until next year.

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