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Monday, 19 December 2011

After the Xmas parties.....

Trollied by ultraBobban
Trollied, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.
I've survived 5 Xmas parties and am in the mood to commence "Operation SDW100".

The 2 weeks of 1) illness and 2) parties has allowed me to take a break from pounding the streets of South London. Although I never have a hard and fast training plan that I stick to the letter (rather read........let's see how my body feels), I have grown to like a plan I put together myself.

Week 1: Long slow mileage. Lots of slow hill repeats (1/2 to 1 mile hills). Back to back 10-12 milers on Sun/Mon/Tues

Week 2: Building.....long slow miles, hill reps, long slow hills, some fartlek and a long weekend run followed by a medium weekend run and something faster, say at the running club.

Week 3. Back to back long weekend runs, hill reps, Monday and Tuesday hard and tempo runs later in the week.

Week 4. Drop back. Long slow miles and long hills.

I interspersed this will Core Stability work at the gym, 3 x 1 mile swims a week and elliptical training and plenty of leg drains in the gym sauna.

I managed this in the build up to the 2010 88 mile Ridgeway event, peaking at 100 miles a week.

The difference this time around is that I am far busier, far more committed at work and won't have the added bonus of the summer holidays and 2 training sessions per day.

Base mileage is at 50 miles a week 2 or 3 weeks per month and after Gatliff, feel that the base training is paying off.

Health-wise, all good. The cold weather does make the pain from the broken leg show itself more often that I would have anticipated, one year one. I have lost 7.4kg since September and am not feeling too bad apart from that.

Next events:

Serpentine 10k New years day (hungover?!)

Winter Tanners 30 - 15th Jan
Thames Trot 50 - 4th Feb
Steyning Stinger 4th March
South Downs Marathon LDWA 1st Apr
3Forts Marathon 27 6th May
Chiltern Challenge -26th May
South Downs Marathon 9th June
South Downs Way 100 (103 miles - 13620ft ascent) - 30th June

At the moment I am struggling to find back to back marathons in late April and May. I've never done a B2B but I am really excited at the prospect.

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