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Friday, 9 December 2011

Keep Clear - A Bah Humbug Xmas Virus

Keep Clear Garage by ultraBobban
Keep Clear Garage, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Sniff sniff. Cough...(hacking) cough. Yuk! it's at this time of the year when a productive, positive week at work is dampened down by a snotty tissue and a husky voice. I managed 24 miles in 2 runs on Monday and Tuesday and have done nothing since. Leaving work at least 2 hours earlier than I normally do on a Friday was the right thing to do. Even a pumping, searing, blistering chilli last night barely registered on my own Scoville scale. Me and Mrs UB have an X daubed across the door (no entry) and its hot baths, early nights and plenty of vit C.

I hope that the filth will pass over and I will wake up right as rain and ready for a 15 mile run in the morning......but I'm not putting any cold hard cash on it.

Ho ho f'kin ho!

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  1. Hi Rob - I hope to see you at Portsmouth as it seems (lurgy aside) that you are back in the groove, mileage wise, which is great. You are certainly doing more miles than me. Will look to see if I can do Tanners, otherwise, will see you at Thames Trot early Feb.