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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Getting ready for the winter season

I've got a few things in mind. i have changed my plans for the autumn and winter season as there are a few things that have cropped up.....weekends away visiting folk and also some further commitments. I'm revising my schedule and have a few different things to run.

1. I can't see myself going through the same challenges as last year (bar say Gatliff, which is a challenge)
2. Familiarity breeds contempt
3. I am going to do some running up North where things are f'ckin 'ard.

So I am reviewing my footwear for the winter season.

Saucony Peregrine 2s...light fast trail shoes.

Vasque 2.0GTX Chillis......erm yellow and Goretex but about as heavy as Salomons. These I might be using for the likes of Gatliff and the wetter muddier courses. I think these might survive a nuclear war.

I don't really like the heavy shoes but having sent back a pair of flimsy Asics Gel Fujis straight out of the box, these look like the sort of chaps that will endure the most difficult of conditions. If I end up sweeping for the Winter100, they may be well used.'s a long time until the rain comes back so I'll be trotting the streets and trails of S. London in something far more suitable for the time being!

1 comment:

  1. Good Old WardRob is back and his "Thomas More" shoe collection (A Shoe for every season) :-)

    Good to see some goals and very pleased to see Gatliff is on the cards