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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sinking feeling

Sinking feeling by ultraBobban
Sinking feeling, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Recoveries are strange things....sometimes they are quick and unexpected. At other times, recovery is slow and there are setbacks along the way. There are not many people who I follow either via blogs, twitter or facebook that can race at their full potential week-in, week-out.

Normally it takes a good run on the North Downs Way to clear my thinking, blast away the cobwebs and set some new goals. Last week Eric and I did a route that I have done a couple of times, starting out at Knockholt Pound, through Otford and Kemsing. I really struggled. Yes, I had run 80km in 4 days but that is not a huge deal usually.

Completing the 100 miler was my ultra mission this year. Completing it in under 24 hours was my next mission. Both of these were achieved so I think the drive and determination are somewhat lacking at the moment and this mental block, as much as the physical is the cause of this malaise.

So, new gear is a way to cheer up and I have purchased a couple of beauties.....

1. A new backpack. The UltrAspire Fastpack. regretably my trusty Salomon Raid zip has finally bust and the stack pockets have holes in. No other pack has been so good so I'm hoping the amazing Fastpack will live up to its reputation. Straight out of the wrapping this morning and it feels very comfortable and fits like a glove. I'll do a report on it soon.

2. A new jacket. My old OMM Kamelika has lasted 2 winters but the coating is coming off and leaving the arms in particular quite damp when it rains hard. I have invested and hope this is a good one: Haglofs Endo. I'll road test it in the rain that is forecast over the next week or so. It is a Goretex triple shell and very lightweight so am quite excited about going out in the bad weather. I'll continue with the OMM on short training runs when the weather gets worse but this fella is for the long training runs and winter rounds that are coming up.

I know Jerry will be proud of this sartorial nonsense so I look forward to strutting it at the next ultra!

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