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Saturday, 3 November 2012


No climbing by ultraBobban
No climbing, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

My legs feel like lead. Tight. Knotted. I have perhaps struggled to get some form after the Dublin marathon. What I should have done is go out next day, but car journeys and flights have left me a bit tight. Hence, my 2 runs of 10k and 11k with continuous hills have been slow and very recovery like. Next stop......Gatliff. Perhaps the toughest 50km race around.

Last year I ran Gatliff with Jerry and George. There were only 4 runners who achieved under 6 hours, giving you an indication of the terrain, the map work and the sheer hardness of it all. This year I might give it some more beans as there is a lot of track that is on the Founders Challenge, of which, with my getting lost, was 50k in 2 hour 20 mins quicker than I ran Gatliff last year.

I'm confined to the house today as I have the builders in doing much overdue work on the old upstairs bathroom, now bedroom, so will not be out running but will get in a long run tomorrow to start the week.

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