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Monday, 1 July 2013

Recovery and July is starting to feel good.

The last couple of weeks I could have just pulled the duvet over my head when the alarm went off and bunked off work, done nothing and vegetated, much has been my malaise. I have not felt bad about the SDW100 DNF but have had a general disposition that texters and Facebookers would call Meh!

After my legendary fall I have secured the first DNF corner in Ultra Tales Magazine (thanks Paul and good luck on the TR250, minding those canals of course!) I have succumbed to some genuine post race blues and a few heavy weeks of work, plus some big chores at home with building and things. So it was to this weekend that saw the unlikely return of the mojo! Early doors saw me dive onto the train (I was late up, so not that early) and to meet Phil and Harley at Brixton for an urban run. The sun was shining and we were going to knock out some miles. 11 miles later and jumping and bouncing off walls, pavements and benches in some rampant parcour-stylee and I was back to top knockings. Soon after some showing off through the crowds of South Bank it was off to canal territory and the docklands trails and paths. An awesome run and military plan of events with the new master of ultra Mr Phil B and we were then 20 miles of canals and backwaters into our run, fueled only on fresh fruit and water. (plus a cheeky Iron Bru at the end) Sunday consisted of 2 runs. I have been aiming to stay off main roads (reasonably difficult in London!) but have found some trails and paths that offer woodland and parks which one is overwhelmed with in South London.  Sunday morning was a recovery run that turned into much quicker miles and Sunday evening saw a cheeky 5km followed by an awesome smoothie.

I'm still feeling a little rusty.

The tumble on the SDW100 has largely recovered. Tendons in my wrist and a really bad back are the spoils of my exploits but largely I still can knock out some sub-7s. Just. After a really good 9 mile run today with plenty of hills and some regained confidence, I am ready to face the world again. Mini-depression/malaise over. It is the Croydon Ultra on Saturday and I will be using this as a good long training run ready for the Thames Gateway 60 in a few weeks.

Welcome back.

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