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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ultra Entries this next few weeks

So I've not blogged for a couple of weeks as work has been busy. I've been doing some runs but either social or supporting others, both have been great. After a recovery week last week, most of the bruising has gone. My wrist and elbow still look like I've been mauled by a dog but the rest of me is fine.

I've reminded myself that my belt buckle haul has not increased and although I am not happy about it, I am relaxed about the coming weeks. This time last year I ran the SDW100 and then promptly had 3 months of no running, so happy I was to have run a sub-24 at the first try. This summer I have no such break. This week has seen me run to support Eric on his epic 7 x Parkrun and run between in a day. Eric covered 45.1 miles and I supported over the last runs in Burgess Park and Hillyfields. Although I only ran 17 miles that day, it was the back end of the course for Eric and I hope he subscribed to my mantras for the longer runs. That said, he made a cameo 6.50s for the last 50 metres and smashed it!

I've had a couple of midweek runs which have either been slightly above or slightly below the threshold. Running a quick 4 miler to de-stress from work or switching to a much longer run to enjoy. It has been much harder this year as I am arriving home at 7-7.30pm each night, then running and then having to cook for me Mrs UB and the new bump, YES! we have a little runner in the womb!

So, with that bump in mind, I have decided to drop the 100+ quest and continue with marathons and shorter ultras. Coming up:

Next week: Croydon ultra 30 miles
August: Thames Gateway 60 miles
October: Downslink 38 miles

In between I am going to sneak in some summer cheeky marathons before the bump grows too big!

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