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Saturday, 1 June 2013

SDW100 Recce and a festival in Brighton

Normally I'll blog about running but I've had such an ace day with my best mate at a festival after my run that it is all bundled up into a review of the day.

I woke up slightly later than planned, however the last 3 days I have spent building a garden office in the back garden and my back, arms, legs are blinking sore. It was cocopops, coffee and off down to the end of the South Downs Way for the SDW100 recce run. This was the only weekend I could do a bit of it, reason being hat I felt that I lost a lot of time being mentally and physically tired and questioning every decision upon direction between Southease, Jevington and the finish. The issue for me here is that this was the only territory not on a previously run marathon on the SDW before. I do love map reading and putting myself up for being navigator and I don't often go wrong as long as I listen to myself and nobody else, but I lost it in the last few miles last year and wanted A) to run the SDW today and B) to feel more confident. Added bonus was an afternoon catching up with my great, yet eccentric best man and buddy Simeon.

Off down for the Southease to Eastbourne section of the SDW100 and with the weather 20 degrees and stiff breeze, I put the cap on to prevent any red faced (non-cider caused) issues. The SDW is probably my favourite place to run in the south of the UK. Wide open expanses of land with the sea on one side, chalk escarpments and the sense of freedom. Most of the hills drop down to sea level or thereabouts as the rivers (Adur) are tidal on this part and the SDW meaning the climbs up to Firle Beacon at 711ft in the last few miles, drops down again into Alfriston and back up to 700ft Wilmington, back down ito Jevington and back up Willingdon Hill at 659ft (a bast as the last peak on the SDW100).....which was my run today. 

I was surprised by how few walkers, runners and cyclists were on this part of the route.....a handful to say hello to, aside for locals walking dogs and a few horse riders. My very favourite smell of wild garlic coming off Wilmington (Long Man of Wilmington cut into the chalk......more importantly.....Middle Farm Cider) engulfed my senses and I spied bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta and not the Spanish invasive species) a couple of species orchids and soooo much garlic.....

It was only coming around the corner that I spotted a couple of places that I went awry last year. With these in the mental bag, I dropped into Jevington and spotted the route back up and out. It is a touch rutted climb out of Jev and wooded too. Once up on the escarpment, the trig point comes up out of nowhere and you need to be able to spot it! 

From this little concrete fella, there are just 2.8 miles of the SDW100 to go!

So it was back to base where the car was. I spent the morning with just a cherry Game and some beetroot juice for company. I had a coke in the car on the way down but no need for gels and the like today. Back through Jev and Alfriston and onto Southease to establish the post-train-station part that I got off track last year and then it was off to the boy Simeon.

 .......and so into dangerous territory.....

Reggae...Cider...Street we had a "ikkle" dance and drank a likkle bit-a-cider amongst the 20,000 revelers in Kemp Town in Brighton and I kept well away from Simi and Anouck on the cigars....

Although a little puff to see how Castro felt.....

And then it was off for some awesome ice-cream courtesy of Boho Gelato.....(recovery proteins and lipids) and a meet up with none other than the legendary George Breacker for a catch up and plan the SDW100 pacer over the final miles.

 and then back home to South Londinium for some good quality Middle Farm Cider................... (glycogen depletion recovery juice)

It was every bit as evil as you would there are 3 more in the fridge........!!

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