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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nerves and things...the SDW100 will be no walk in the park

I'm struggling to find my mojo. It's in here somewhere. It is probably near my merino wool socks that I can't find either. I have packed my bags and semi-packed my drop bags and measured out my energy drinks and packed all of my mandatory kit and a change of clothes for the end. George will no doubt lift my spirits from half way and Phil will then try to lift me further from Jack and Jill at mile 69.8 to the finish. I bloody home I can do this sub-24 again and even better, before it gets light. that would be awesome.

So in thinking about my last blog post about the apprehension of the NC50, I again post a no picnic picture as a lucky charm. I have had a busy few weeks at work and what with the amazing news that Mrs UB and I are going to have a little ultra runner joining us in December, things have taken their toll. I've had a throat infection for a few days and this has had an effect on me, especially as I have been on the health kick for a while. It will recover and I know it will, but in the meantime, it is dragging me down. i have had a somewhat enforced taper but really enjoyed a slow run with the 9s group at the running club. Great to catch up with George and also to meet new faces. I've not really tapered before so this is new to me. I hope it works. I want to be in Eastbourne before sunrise. That is my challenge. Unsupported this year as Mrs UB is in Paris with her sisters at a hen do.


  1. You will smash it, and besides, it's only 103miles at most, so only semi long in my new deluded state of what constitutes extremely long distance. Most important, have fun, and do your best.