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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mrs UB back from Bulgaria and a run up the Palace

Mrs UB flew back in from Sofia this morning from a wedding that work commitments wouldn't allow my attending. 3 days away from a heavily pregnant wife is not so good. However this pic of 2 days after our wedding at the Olympic torch relay cheered me up no end as we were off on honeymoon last year 2 hours after this shot was taken!

Tonight was a do I or don't I run after a nice 10k slow with Irish Sue last night. I have a theory as to the root of my injury issue. I will keep this close to my chest for the moment but changed one thing and headed up to the top of the Palace (I have avoided hills for 3 weeks now) and hit this run hard. Very little issue even up at the top of the hill which is a 15% incline. What joy...and then a sub 8 afterwards. Baby steps are needed here but a real breakthrough. The change is small and from an unlikely source but as a true scientist I am going to repeat my experiment tomorrow to see if there is a pattern in the results. I'll let you know what it is in due course. Fingers crossed please!


  1. It is great news that you may be getting to the bottom of what is causing your problem. I have just been catching up with my blog reading and from some of your previous posts it sounded like you have a good understanding of the biomechanics, and it seems this is paying off. I wish I had that level of insight into my own running form!

    1. But you are shit loads faster and younger than me so don't panic!