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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hadrian's Wall run

I've been to Hadrian's Wall a number of years Housesteads and Chesters.....both markedly large parts of the wall. I was now in between Corbridge and Hexam, near to Newcastle and there was an 18 inch high brickwork structure where it could be assumed that thieves and housebuilders had scoured the lovely wall for their own......Nevermind. It was time to run and I have to choose my words carefully as my good friend Matt is a Major in the Artillery and we were running on MOD land, land that normal runners are not even allowed to go near. After our miles along HW, we circumvented the country lanes and byways, bridleways and farmland before we entered the airfield and camp to discuss Batteries and Nuclear armaments. Awesome to see some BIG ballistics and Artillery plastered around the base and also mindful of the intense security around the place as we stayed in the Commanding Officers' mess.

Now these chaps are kitted up in the most unusual post Newcastle night out running gear but between us we managed enough kit for a run. Matt, Robster and Karl, leaving the leadaing ladies to chit chat and plan our next jaunt!

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