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Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Scally run

I love going up to Liverpool to see Mrs UB's family and have amazing chinese food. I did need to get out and blow out some cobwebs so went into the countryside outside Liverpool to Knowsley Safari Park and Croxteth Country Park. Arrr-ehhh our Kid.....Perma-tans and shell-suits aside this was a good mix of trail and road in an unexpected way. I hailed a few local runners and found that here were a few people out and were defoo more chatty that our London types. A couple in 'Croccy Park' were keen to know how far, min per mile and hydration strategies for my 10 mile run. No food, no hydration and a Congee breakfast of Rice Porridge and mushrooms and 'thousand year old eggs' for brekkie. What a great run, pan flat, muddy and very wet.

Then we went out for Dim Sum and watched lost of Scallies running up to 'Jimmy Corkhill' off Brookside for autographs while we ate and ate and ate.

I deffo needed trail shoes today as my roadies are soaked!

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