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Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to get in the miles?

Audrey by ultraBobban
Audrey, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Since this little UB has come into the world, running has taken a back seat. Not that i am begrudging this at all as this is the most amazing part of me and Mrs UB's life so far, such a journey.

Not only that, work has been crazy and school has been very busy, both from a leadership point of view and also working with GCSE and A levels at this time of year. So luckily I took the initiative this weekend to become a postman and hand deliver the thank-you cards to the very generous friends in the South London area. 2 distinct runs; Saturday, t-shirt and blasting out the miles. Sunday, pissing down with rain, a tight calf and a bruised couple of metatarsals still from the Winter Tanners 30. Not a mega weekend by any stretch but still a decent 20 miles of running that is much needed as I did not get out from Monday-Friday! That has not happened for a while and I'm sure it won't again.

Luckily I have loads more cards to deliver this week after work.

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