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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bucket List

Tree of the buckets by ultraBobban
Tree of the buckets, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Much to the concern of Mrs UB, my entry to the LLC130 will mean that I have to sneak in some training. I've got a bit of a bucket list for 2014.

Midnight Challenge 50k - coming up in 18 days
2nd March - Steyning Stinger
Easter - plenty of runs but fitting in a couple of cheeky marathons might be the case.
Then we get into May and I am torn between the Malvern 52 and the 3FM.
Bewl will be a goer in mid may....or even neolithic....One that me and Immune blasted a few years back.
I'm hoping that if I can wangle a nice hotel and something to do on the other non-running day then possibly 3 rings of Shap 100k(would love to) and a big wish would be the Osmotherley Phoenix 30 in the summer. There are some easy getaways for the morning such as Fairlands Valley 50k and SDM
All in all, exciting stuff.

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