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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Welcome training miles

After a few weeks of Daddy time and reduced sleep, far more things to do and generally being tired, it was no great surprise that getting up at 5.30 for the Lee Valley navigation run with Phil this morning was going to be a challenge.....and it was.

After NO TRAINS anywhere it was a run, bus run bus run to Tower Gateway to meet PB. We had a bimble through the City and down to the Limehouse Basin where we hit the Lee Channel about 40 mins after the sun came up. It was the sunniest day I can remember in the last 2 months or so and this made for a light mood with plenty of banter taking the piss out of Eric......With the sun on our backs we traced through post-industrial heartlands of East London out to the very flooded Walthamstow Marshes, Hackney Marshes, Tottenham and then out into Essex/Herts.

We decided that probably Cheshunt was a little less far than Ware but then opted to dip out as tiredness took over my shit body at Enfield.

With a wiat of 25 mins for a train, a rather convoluted search for a greasy spoon cafe so we could have a bacon butty and a cup of tea meant we had to leg it down Enfield High st with butties and drinks in hand. Upon arrival at Liverpool St, we ran across town to our respective termini and then trained and ran home. All in all the last few miles of the 24 was better than 14-19 where I was running like a slow twat. Phil did tell me it was time he went faster than me as it is always the other way around. He has been in training and is getting pretty sharp. Wait until he is a dad! Cheers buddy.

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