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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dymchurch Marathon Race report

Traviss' races are no-nonsense fuss free races where you can crack out run with a bunch of friendly people. We'd organised for the family to come down not far away for a weekend on the train and meet me straight after the race for dinner and some R&R. 

A misty sunrise gave way to a 2 hour session of sea fog, something that was a bit magical. This was an out and back along a totally pan flat concrete sea wall. Knowing we had baby UB2 on the way, this was about fitting in a convenient marathon. No frills. No thrills. After probably 17 miles I was on for a 3.25 ish, but a combination of the working of the same muscle group (I do prefer the hills for a proper workout) and not feeding so well early on and this slipped to a 3.37 in the last 6 miles. This was a little disappointing as I dropped probably 6 or 7 places to finish in 14th. Having a blast 7.30 for the last mile cheered me up immensely and I cursed my lackadaisical attitude in the previous 5 miles. Nuff said, it was off for fish and chips and a couple of big glasses of Coke. Marathon #68 done. The BIGGEST MEDAL I HAVE EVER SEEN!


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