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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Winter Tanners Race report

I haven't written my blog in about 3 months so apologies dear readers as I have been mega busy. It is time for a catch up on the start of the season which has been arguably the best start to a season I have had ever.

it was an exceptionally muddy trail for one of my favourite runs. This seemed to be less on the tops of the NDW and Weald and more in the valley bottoms this year. Mud and more mud.....followed by calf and occasionally knee deep water. Great. My good running buddy Johnny and I set out for this beautiful race early doors. We cracked on with a big group of runners including a good catch up with Jenni Cox who is returning back to form after a year break following a stellar 2014. The skies were clear and my mapwork was good for this odyssey. Only 3 Checkpoints on this long route makes this a bit more of a day out.

The first 20 miles were an absolute joke in terms of running. Real challenges in terms of grip, constantly wet feet and the inability to get into a good clip. The last 11 miles were much better. We made some real progress....then the boy JJ slipped and fell on his hand on a flinty path. Much blood later and a quick final checkpoint, we were off and coursing through the final few miles, running in to a 5.51 finish and joint 13th place. Bearing in mind the conditions, we were happy. JJ is one of the most awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of running with. May it long continue.

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