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Saturday, 5 June 2010

the long road

There are probably some ultra runners that will laugh at covering 91km in a week. I've just upped to that from 80km and am going to go through another 2 weeks until I hit 100km a week in mid-June. There are a few sacrifices; Friday at the pub, saturday and sunday lie-ins and non-running social life. Having said that, the miles are coming and going and I am trying not to have junk miles; i.e. coming home and running for 45 mins and just getting warmed up. Better to have a day off and run 15 miles the next day rather than 2 x 7.5 miles. This morning was a pleasant but slow run, after getting up early I read for a while and missed the start of the club beginners so had to catch them up but had a nice chat with Eric on our run afters. Crown green bowling on Peckham Rye Bowls Club after the race tomorrow. I believe this will be the first outing into bowling land for me.

Onto matters running. A week to go to the SDM and hopefully the weather will cool down. I have just been reading Mark Hartell's blog (uber ultra-runner and Bob Graham round in 14:54 and record holder for the Paddy Buckley (the hardest round in the UK at 18:10) and am jealous at the cool temperatures that some of the Northern events are run in. OK, my run is only oging to be 26.2 and a few thousand feet of climbing but I would rather run cold that hot. Track back to summer 2008 with a run in Phoenix, Arizona where I dived into the swimming pool at the end of my run and was sweating from the only point of my body above the head. 2 hours later and I was still sweating in an air-con room after running in 44 degree heat. Now switch this with 3 days prior and running in the Grand Canyon......30 degrees at the canyon edge but as soon as you hit the ravine hundreds of metres below, it was soooo cool.

Note to self....must run GC again oneday.

So the the SDM. A lightish week planned with a club race 10k tomorrow, run to and home. 15 miles on monday and 12 or so tuesday followed by rest until saturday for the SDM. Looking forward to running with Jezza and discussing tactics for the Ridgeway. I have scoped hotels and recorded all of the checkpoints for the crew. Sadly, I have recorded the event by printing out some crew t-shirts. Susie and Astrid are going to crew for the 3 of us. Note to self 2; get them a nice hotel!!! SDM will be in the new road shoes with 2 600ml bottles of Georges Game water melon and 2 buzz bars. Hopefully Immune will finish near abouts our time and we can have a cider with Jezza....and plan the 50th Summer Tanners Surrey Hills 30 miler together.

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