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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mind over matter

Knowing that I will be at work until 8.00pm and not home until at least 9, with a late one tomorrow, a wedding Saturday and then a drive to Manchester on Sunday at 6am to watch the 2nd ODI as England look to take a second win against the mighty Australia makes me wonder where the miles will come from this week. 90+km will be a real struggle.

On this note of struggle, I can't see my weight coming down.....In fact it is rising, accumulating fat for my impending oddessey. So I have 2 dilemmas; not enough time to train and too much work and therefore rubbish food. The Tanners is entry on the day at 10.00am in Leatherhead and that can't come soon enough. Wisely last night I ignored the Midsummer relays at the club, chosing to run down with the big kit bag and time the relay teams and not engage in anythig silly to gain injury.

Prior to this I embarked on a pre-run stretch which took at least 20 mins. My quads are in knots and I think it is time for some is just when ?!?!?!??!

Mentally and physically I need 3 hours on my feet to do 20 miles this week. it might be friday night. Possibly by then my new Raidlight Bottles with straps to fit onto the Salomon Raid Revo 20 will have arrived and cheered me up. £16.99 each was quite a bargain. Immune bought a new rucksack and I watched with some green tinges at the ease at which he could remove and return bottles. I am not going to faff about with a Camelbak and bladder, I want bottles and lots of them. Saves time at checkpoints. The thing is the Raid Revo is the most comfortable of rucksacks and believe me I have tried many. So I have opted for front bottles with straws. Brilliant.

Entry for the Downland Ultra 30 was confirmed so I have 2 x 30 hilly races in July and then I just need to find a marathon in August as my training will peak at about 110km a week on the first week of the hottest month. Lots of twice a day training followed by ice cold baths and gym work.

So, I am not f##ked, but growing stronger and stronger. PMA

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