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Monday, 14 June 2010

Lucky Charm

Fertility Charm, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I need one, I think. Having got over the fact that my Garmin went for a burton, the new one is fine. Racing yesterday, the day after a marathon is a first for me. 36.50 for a 5 mile XC in Eltham Park is not exactly PB material. In fact, it is 5 mins slower than my normal time for that distance. Who cares as the marathon was just brill!

The splits on the 2.09 website make impressive reading. We aimed to go out easy and I finished in 156th, with Dave in 157th. However, our slpits for the last 7-8 miles were the 27th fastest on the course. Nuts! Bonkers! Twice now we have done that at this distance.

Perhaps I now need a lucky charm? Tanners in a couple of weeks and then Downlands Ultra at the end of July. There is a cheeky marathon that needs to pop into my radar along the way to complement these excellent events!!

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  1. Rob, I am still thinking of doing the Tanners but it may still be a little close to my goal 50 mile Challenge a few weeks later. So if I do I will potter around and get the miles in my legs.