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Monday, 23 May 2011

green belt relay - a weekend of cider and running

green belt relay - DPR team!, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I'm a bit of a fan of this 220 mile race. I think that Immune, Jezza and I should do it over the course of a long weekend in the future as a training run. (Obviously something bonkers!)

I've done the race with Dulwich park Runners over the last 3 years and it really brings people together. 39 teams across London and the south east. We fielded 2 mixed (read: fun) year we will but out 11 of our best. (immune - keep the weekend free) but we still put on a good show and my team A came in 26th out of 39 teams.

My leg was the longest and hilliest on saturday and I duly ran this with Tappo. Tappo came 5th, I came in 29th! Having said that I really enjoyed the run through the Chilterns from Great Kingshill to Chipperfield through Amersham, a picturesque and quaint part of the Green Belt. Marshalling and ferrying people and water, food and support take it out of you so I slept like a log after a fish and chip supper with a couple of ciders.

Day 2 and after a small lie in it was back out on the road again, ferrying people to their start or finish or bag drop and then to my start. Just a 10.5 miler from Tatsfield to Merstham. After necking anti-inflamatories as I couldn't walk in the morning, it was all go. I was flying along at 7.45s which is the fastest I have run since the metalwork came out. I was placed about 17th and then after a heavy shower and some poor signage, I took a wrong turn (and another runner) and managed to run an extra 1.5 miles. This dropped me 13 places, although powering into the finish in a 6.50 last mile made me feel less annoyed. The guy I got lost with me came in 26 mins later so it shows just how mental I went over the last couple of miles to make up the time. Off to drop Susie off and she ran the penultimate leg with Ian and Gilly taking on the glory leg. We met the club at the finish for a cider and beer and another cider. Great suntan, great company and a great weekend. Roll on 2012 as we are going to top 10!

A nice gentle 7.5 and a sauna and I feel as right as rain.

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