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Friday, 3 June 2011

50 miles and then some

51 miles this week, with 8 day running total at 65 miles. Lots of niggles though. Inside heel, outside of tibia, swelling. Never good. However it pails into insignificance compared to the chaps and chapesses on the GUCR, the UKs longest ultra. Comiseration to Jezza who pulled out with a gigantic and bulbous blister. Well done to George who completed the even in 43 hours and special well done to Claire who not only completed in 30 hours but was 1st lady and 3rd overall! Amazing considering that 18 months ago she was running the C2C, her first Ultra! Can't wait to have a chat with you down the gym to get all the news. Brilliant!

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  1. Claire's performance on GUCR was phenomenal (as was Helens - 2nd Female). I think Claire could move onto an extremely high level i.e represent the UK. At least we had the pleasure of running with her on her first ultra, at leat we could keep up back then :-)