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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Round the Island runner

Round the Island runner by ultraBobban
Round the Island runner, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Mrs UB has been running again. A PB in parkrun and the London Summer League race in Harrow. I am most impressed at 2 runs in 2 days.

My own endeavours were truncated with a weekend away working in Nottingham. I packed enough gear for 3 runs and set off 3 hours early so that I could get a big run in, up to the hills North West of Nottingham. I arrived back late on sunday and the unused gear went straight back in the drawer. A tired monday 7 miler was counterbalanced with an early finish at work on tuesday, meaning I was home just after 6 and enjoyed a 19 mile run.

I decided against the club run and donned backpack and braved the impending rain and thunderstorm. I ran to London's highest point, Shooters Hill, followed by a traverse of the A2 down to Bromley and back home. 1.1l of fluid and a packet of sweets was all I consumed. I felt more "slow burn" ultra than I had felt in ages. My last mile was a euphoric 7.20s.

After a 9 mile recovery hilly run tonight including a stop at Eric's for a chat, I feel fine and am now getting ready for the Fairlands Valley 50km in 3 weeks.

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