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Monday, 13 June 2011

arse kicking

It's not everyday in a good field of runners that your mate and hardcore drinking chum aka running buddy Tappo came 5th in the Eltham Park 5. Pissing rain and a XC course with twists and turns and he still knocks out a 28 min run. My pb is 31.59, which in comparison is a bit slow. However, this run was the turning point in my training. After a severe hangover that started in Nottingham and continued in transit, ending up at home with a takeaway and more wine. Never mix the grape and the grain!

The turning point was my sub 8s 9 mile run to the start and then in the wet, mud and rain, a creditable 37.07 5 miler; this being the fastest I have run since breaking my leg. Not deterred, I knocked out a nice 11 mile run straight after work today. No pain, slight stiffness.

I have been nagging the runners world site for a place in the Picnic marathon this weekend. I feel ready. I doubt I will get a place as it is as full as of last week. Work committments over the next 6 out of 10 weekends are limiting me to Fairlands valley Ultra as my first foiree over 26 miles. This has been a time I have been anticipating; relishing and I will savour the finish line and remember the day for the rest of my life when I once again become an ultra runner.

Then I can kick arse.


  1. Brilliant going Rob, I will be doing Croydon on 10/7/2011 so wish you luck at Fairlands which promises to be a nice little number

  2. Hi

    Wow - can't believe you're back to marathons - and ultras again (says she guiltily showing she hasn't kept up with your blog!!).
    Well done you and just keep it easy. I'm doing the picnic - so hope you manage to get a place, and I'll see you there. I've been dabbling with a bit of all sorts lately - from the Compton 40 to 100m on the track last night !! still much prefer a nice off-road plod in the country side !