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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rusty, but improving

Rusty Camper by ultraBobban
Rusty Camper, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I feel a bit rusty with the increase in miles. The 10% rule has gone out of the window and I hope that my muscle memory will help me out as an old friend would. I am at 51 miles for the week so far and there is the outside chance that I can get a sneaky place in the Picnic marathon. Failing that I'll either have my LSR on saturday morning and do 20, or possible join Mrs UB on Parkrun and slog my guts out for a hilly 5km preceeded by a run there, preceeded by a large strong coffee and a bacon, egg, mushroom and tomato butty courtesy of my other old friend Mr Giant Fridge. If all goes well then I will follow this with a couple of bottles of the free stuff at Parkrun and then I'll knock off a couple of hours slow run down to the Thames and along up to Greenwich and back up via Shooters Hill (tallest hill in Inner London...closely followed by Palace).

I have been toying with the idea of getting a bike too. I must be mad. It is an investment but I know it will be a good one. Hybrid mountain bike/road beast or pure thoroughbred racing bike. I really am not sure as I am not the smallest of people at 6ft2, and there is a 600ft ascent up the chalky outer rim of the London basin to the highest point in London overall, Biggin Hill. Answers on a postcard please.

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