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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cider Heaven

Well it is not usual for me to pass on a Sunday LSR, but with the best cider known to man procured on a Saturday afternoon, Sunday Runday was all but written off. 99km for the week, a parkrun PB on saturday follwed by a nice easy 11 mile hilly run up South London's biggest climbs, relentlessly going up, down, up down and up again. Crystal Palace Hill, Anerley Hill, Gypsy Hill, Forest Hill, Dulwich and Sydenham Woods and then back home. The Garmin read something like 1500 ft ascent as I did each hill in the early morning as MRs UB and Penny went for a coffee. A sunday spent doing more mundane tasks like looking after the vegetable garden and some blasting round the countryside with the roof off the car was more of a pull than a 20 miler. Having said, I still managed a brisk evening run through the parks of SE26,21, 23 and 19. A work filled week will not see me emulate a 60+ week but will at least see more miles ready for Fairlands valley ultra in a few weeks

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  1. Looks like you are back with a bang, you did more miles than me last week by a long way. If you fancy some company on your Fairlands Valley run give me a shout, might be able to get a day pass from Mrs Immune as it's you.