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Thursday, 30 June 2011

1000km for the year so far

Note to self.......Year began in late Feb. Year began with tentative dropping of crutches and trying to run to the end of the road. Then it all stopped again after I had the metalwork out. Actually it was 100km until march 31st and 900km since I am feeling happier than maybe a couple of months ago. Proof will be in the pudding when I don my shoes and attempt 50km. This pails into significance when I see the miles that Immune and Jezza put in but I am thining that 2012 is the year of the 100 milers. I am so excited! June......Jubilee 100mile. Starts in Olympic Park and joins the GBR route round to Windsor. Bring on the cider!!!


  1. I am still absolutely amazed by your recovery and the mileage you have done since that fateful day. I have a feeling you will be catching me up very quickly from now on as I have taken a nose dive with injury and now food poisoning.
    One day we will run together....well more like run together in a race where I see you disappear over the horizon ahead of me :-)

  2. 900km in the last 3mths, I thought you were coming back from injury not in full on training mode!!!! Nice to see though. Must see if I can get a pass for Fairlands from Mrs Immune, be great to hit the trails with you for the first time in a LOONNGG time.

  3. thanks guys. Fairlands 50km, and then hopefully downland. Flynn is organising fat ass 67km. Up for it?