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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Gods are smiling

The Gardening Gods by ultraBobban
The Gardening Gods, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

day 1 of my back to back weekender. I had planned to run 20 miles with Eric from the club but secretly knew in the back of my mind that with 12 days working without a day off and a few ciders on a friday night, that this might not come off. A saunter upo to Parkrun this morning with Mrs UB and we bumped into Glen, Beardo and Tom P. I ran a conservative lap 1 but as I approached the lead up the hill to lap 2, something strange breathing, arms and legs hit a sweet spot and I began to get quicker. The final mile was 6.16s and I knocked 41 secs of my Parkrun PB. Still 2.20 off my flat 5k time but CP park is very hilly indeed. After a warmdown, I ran round Docklands with Eric and made my miles up to 22 for the morning. Feeling quite good now and am up for a 20 mile run with Susie Wood in the morning to peak my training for the Fairlands Valley 50km in 2 weeks.

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