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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Withnail and I moment

Bampton Phone box by ultraBobban
Bampton Phone box, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

If you have not seen the film "Withnail & I" then I suggest you do. Download, rent or buy the best film known to humanity. I spent at least 20 seconds in the phone box of said film 2 weeks smelled of wee.

I'm now in GATLIFF mode. I have a nice 14 miler under my belt this morning with another few to come from my 2 run a day sunday run. Despite turning my ankle on an unseen discarded coke can at the top of the Norwood Ridge (aka Crystal palace) and a bruised ankle, I knocked out 14 lovely miles with Beardo and Tom H. More your mum jokes than you can shake a stick at and some time discussing poo and social housing....although not together. up though Sydenham, Forest Hill and down to Beckenham Place Park, Kelsey park and then back up into London.

Now I have realised that the problems of swollen and bruised ankles rest in long distance driving, I am vowing to drive less for long periods........and tackle the Gatliff Marathon (50km) where the course record is a v slow 4.54.......I can only imagine it is a quagmire.....

get IN!

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  1. The jury is still out over Gatliff Rob as we have the Brecon Beacons 40 the weekend after. As for Gatliff it is quagmire, chalk descents and big hills that make it that little special :-)