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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dulwich 10k race report

Although I wasn't competing, I took some shots of the club event in our lovely local park. Here is a rather blurred picture of Beardo, sweating after only running 10 feet. As you can see, dear reader, he is a formidable chap, one who grunts and uses a simple sign language.

Aside from this distraction, the rest of the club fared well. Chrissie ran a PB in 37.57 and Richard ran 39mins. There are a few pics on my flickr that sum up the morning, which was ace. I then continued my run for another 21km over to Deptford and then Greenwich, turning back to run the Waterlink Way. One day I'll run it all, from source on the North Downs, down to the Thames.

I'm attempting to pick up the miles again after a slack couple of days. I seem to manage a good Sunday, monday, tuesday but then work takes over. There should be 50 base miles this week and ready for the longer run on Sunday.

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