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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Eat and Run

So apart from a good read, this is what I am planning to do tomorrow. I have been extremely busy at work this last few weeks and as such, you will know that the miles have not been pounded away on the streets of South London, but have been hard at work instead training and planning at school. I don't often talk about the minutiae of school but today (yes, working on a Saturday!) has been awesome with amazing feedback from our Open Day.....a lot of hard work from all have come home for a relaxing saturday afternoon, a beer and some sport on telly, eating and relaxing ready for a marathon tomorrow.

As with the last marathon 4 weeks ago, i have kept this fairly low key. The wife, Eric, Beardo and George know about it but that's about it. in 2010 I was in canny fine fettle and off the back of the UK Ultra Distance Champs where I came in 42nd place, not 6 weeks later I came into the finish in a bullish 7th place.

This year is a different story. Short of autumn miles, hard at work in arguably the quickest improving school in South London, my training has taken 3rd place to work and home improvements. Nevertheless, I am going to hit the trails of he North Downs with vim and vigour tomorrow and give it the best that I have to offer. The kit, unusually is out already. I'm hitting the trail in minimalist Saucony zero drop trail shoes, my SDW100 race kit clothing (light) and the ultrAspire race bottle pack. We are looking at about 3000ft of hills tomorrow so my 7th place with 4 hrs 52 ( is that hard!) will be unlikely, but with self navigation and 6 marathons on the same(ish) stretch of hills, I am hoping that the day is a memorable run and the chance to catch up with some familiar faces and meet new ones.

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  1. Really enjoy it tomorrow Rob, it will be a blast. Even if I had entered it I would not have been running what with my club's 10km race tomorrow and the fact I have a horrible cold/flu bug thingy.