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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

recovery and a need for a map

Race HQ by ultraBobban
Race HQ, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Directions are one thing. Next time I do a self navigate marathon, I'll pack some sort of map.....and listen to no one! my directions have always been spot on....only when tiredness creeps in do I doubt.

Recovery run yesterday was a pleasant 10k at the club at 8.00s. I had a good catch-up with Woolway fresh back from his honeymoon and was great to have a chin-wag about Zambia and Tanzania, train journeys and the like. We did a flat route to Nunhead Cemetery and back around the Rye in Peckham. No getting lost here!

I've just taken delivery of a load of reading material today at work, including the acclaimed "Waterlogged" by doctor Tim Noakes.....a serious medical textbook read on overhydration and endurance events. On more lighter reading, histories on Docklands and London's hidden rivers which I will be running over the coming months. I have run the Ravensbourne and most of the River Peck, but now there is the Effra (which starts only a mile from here, the Wandle (I haven't run all of it) the Fleet and a load of others. I'm sure this will give me new areas to run around London and take Mrs UB on some well needed marathon training for her upcoming VLM in April. After she has done that, we will be thinking about kids......well dear reader, you heard it here first!!!!!

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