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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Running with Beardo

Please understand that this is not a shrine to Steve, but just a light-hearted look at this athletic genius.

For me, the T-shirt says it all....The irony of wanting to advertise the Stevenage Marathon in 2008 after running 10 miles around Dartford. I mean, that is totally rubbing the nose of one shit-hole into another. As you can see from the image, Steve is a really polite chap. He always greets you with a smile.

Today, on his comeback run (not run since January but has been on his bike to Hastings to visit his Nan a few times) I was greeted at his door with an Oversized DPR top with SDW100 and Rob scrawled on the front with one of his child's crayons....and a massive pillow stuffed up the front......

We ran at Steve's pace.....really slow. Through Dulwich Park and then past the college and up through Dulwich and Sydenham woods. Steve complained incessantly about his quads and we cracked joke after joke after joke about all sorts. Steve is off to Nice next week for a bike ride and possible a sex change. Not that you'd notice. He has the moobs already. He is worried about work at the moment, as he fears a disciplinary is around the corner as the woman eating the McDonalds at her desk yesterday had to throw it in the bin as Steve walked past her desk and dropped his guts right in front of her. I think he said something smells much nicer now........ anyway she threw her Maccy Ds in the bin and complained to his line manager. That is Steve all over.

In our short run he reminded me of when he crossed the finish at his inaugural Ultra......and nearly slipped on his arse as he crossed the line. I do feel sorry for anyone who knows him but he is a loveable rogue. Perhaps he could be a comedian one day. he is funny enough. In he mean time he needs to focus on running quicker as I have only just got in from my 9.5 mile run as it took so long with his slow arse.


  1. Just a few corrections. I would have ran faster if you didn't keep bloody stopping.

    1) you stopped and took off your shoe to show me how light it was and then took ages to do laces up
    2) you got lost in Dulwich woods then stopped and looked about trying to get your bearings
    3) you stopped again in dulwich wood to go and look at some poxy white flowers

    I am in the clear on McD incident. I was at my desk when thunder struck, I think she saw the funny side...a bit.

  2. ther is nothing wrong with looking at flowers! The first of my 3 degrees had a good proportion of botany.

    There are no excuses for the shoe porn though