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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring in the step?

I'm trying to get a spring in the step....although tonight did not get home from work until 8.10pm and by the time I had watered my new flock of children......erm veggies and seeds, it was time not to run. I had a good long run along the Thames into a fairly bracing wind on Sunday but was plagued by a tight hamstring that I believe has been a product of my new Saucony Cortanas and the introduction of speed work and hill reps last week. I switched back to the old Asics last night for a slow recovery run and found myself trundling along at 7.40s again. Where has this come from? I decided o test the hamstring and to my surprise, even a mile at 6.50s was not a problem. I think it my be getting used to the shoes. I wanted a more robust pair than my Kinvaras that are lovely for about 8-10 miles and then loose all cushioning and wear out at about 1mm per run (no rubber sole, just EVA)

So this spring in my step has been awesome. I have been doing a bit of core work, but only a bit, twice a week. I haven't lost any body mass recently, if anything, could do with losing 4kg before the 50 and 100 mile runs coming up.

There is that fine line between faster running and getting injured, but over the last few weeks, running at 7s and below has been far more fun than a plod at really feel like you are going somewhere!

So.....busy busy weeks ahead. Bewl Marathon on Sat, 3 Forts 27 miler on Sunday (hopefully I will see Immune for a catch up) and 2 weeks later, the NC50.

I'll need to be blossoming and not shedding petals.

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